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Top Selling Vape Juice Flavors

Top Selling Vape Juice Flavors from V8P Juice in 2018!

Ultra Premium V8P Juice is here!

After years of DJing for the masses in smokey clubs, Founder and CEO DJ Quicktrackz, launched a new venture in 2014 with the aim of alleviating what he saw as a public health crisis. He launched V8P Juice International, a South Florida based E-liquid company focused on spreading the awareness of new vaporization technology and helping people make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. His company to date has provided products to the market place that are partly responsible for hundreds if not thousands of happy vapers, who no longer need tobacco.

Offering 17 Delicious Flavors in Various Strengths (0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg) to satisfy every taste and craving, V8P Juice has helped shape the industry and has grown in to a global company distributing its products overseas in South and Central America. Flavors like Caribbean Don, Latin Lover and Prince Charming have found mass appeal in Latin America, while flavors like Last Samurai, Port Master, Mob Boss, Blonde Bombshell and Trainwreck continue to dominate US sales.

V8P Juice’s newest launch into salt based nicotine products, “V8P Saltz” offers 6 of their top performing flavors in 25 & 45mg High Nicotine formulations designed specifically for Low Wattage vaping devices similar to JUUL. These products provide a great discreet vaping option for those interested in vaping without the big clouds.

Building on previous success, V8P Juice’s most recent partnership with Green Goddess Extracts LLC, A CBD Company, will soon add to their market share with Flavored Sublingual CBD Tinctures, Vapeable CBD and CBD Concentrates featuring the brands award winning flavors. As we await Marijuana Legalization nationwide, Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) continues to make headlines daily, helping provide relief to a large majority of those who try it. From research into inflammation to chronic conditions, from alcoholism to substance abuse, insomnia to migraines, users are finding relief from natures wonder plant, and this years partnership aims to bring those benefits to the public with great tasting products.

Legal in all 50 states, Green Goddess Extracts’ Hemp Derived CBD Products show promise in 2018 as an alternative product for healthy lifestyles

and the nutritional supplementation of Cannabidiol and various phytonutrients. Sublingual Tinctures have been this years top selling CBD Product do to it’s ease of use, great taste and quick absorption that leads to fast effects.

If you want to know more about V8P Juice or the Green Goddess Partnership please visit the CBD website at www.GreenGoddessExtracts.com for more information and purchase options.


V8P Juice Ingredients: Non-GMO Indonesian Palm based Vegetable Glycerin, Plant-based Propylene Glycol, NicSelect Premium Nicotine, Natural and Artificial Flavoring.

Our vape juice blend works great in all Tanks, Mods, RDA’s and Drippers.

Our Signature Blend is a 30%/70% Mixture of Bio-PG and Non-GMO VG.

All of our V8P Juice (Vape Juice) is Manufactured right here in south Florida in a Certified Clean Room environment with HEPA Air Filtration for Quality Control with the best ingredients available! We formulate our eliquids with Non GMO Vegetable Glycerin, and pair it with a revolutionary new Bio-based (Plantbased) Propylene Glycol that is derived from Non GMO Corn (not Petroleum), and Nicselect Primium ‘Vaping Grade” Nicotine and our award winning flavors.

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Why Malaysian / Indonesian Palm based VG?

Malaysia and Indonesia have some of the world’s best Coconut and Palm tree crops, these Earth friendly renewable resources provide us some of the sweetest and best tasting Vegetable Glycerin, paired with an extremely dense vapor production making them the best choice for top end e-liquid manufacturing. These mainly organic crops are NON-GMO and known the world over for the quality product they produce. Most if not all American VG is Soy based, and Soy is the Number 1 GMO crop in the USA; therefore most e-liquid contains VG sourced from GMO crops.  We at V8P Juice International feel this is a dis-service to the Vapor industry. In a effort to live a healthier lifestyle we should be strive to limit our exposure to as few GMO products as possible; to that end we source only sustainable NON-GMO Earth Friendly Ingredients for our formulations. We try to help the planet while helping our customers, although it costs us abit more money, we think that’s the way it should be.


About Plant-based / Bio-based Propylene Glycol

Plant-based Propylene Glycol can be used in many things including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, agriculture and as of late the e-cigarettes in the formulation of e-juices like V8P Juice.  Traditionally Propylene Glycol has been a petrol by-product of the oil industry and has been derived solely from the cracking process of unrefined petroleum, however this new “green” bio-based PG is produced from corn starch through a special solvent-free and carbohydrate-to-glycol process. you can read more about it in the section below. The end result is 100% renewable Bio-PG. Propylene Glycol without any mineral oil derived intermediate properties. The appearance and color of the PG  remains the same, however the bio-based PG has a sweet, pleasant and fruity odor when compared to petrochemical PG.

PG is very low in toxicity and is listed as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use in food and pharmaceuticals. In fact, from a toxicological point of view, alcohol is more toxic than the same amount of propylene glycol.

Studies have also shown that propylene glycol is neither persistent nor does it bio-accumulate and is therefore readily biodegradable.

There are no hazard classifications or labeling of PG.

In a recent past, raw materials suppliers have introduced in the market a short chain diol, 1,3-propanediol, derived from corn, in order to replace in cosmetic formulae the traditional synthetic 1,2-propanediol and propane-diol esters.
Looking closely into the potential for biofuels and developing bio-based PG is the new challenge. Today, a new “green” process allows to produce also 1,2 propylene glycol from corn starch by a special industrial process: it is indeed made from a corn-derived sugar, in a solvent-free carbohydrate-to-glycols process made up of five steps (9):

  1. Corn first goes through a wet-milling process to separate its basic products: starch, gluten, fiber and corn oil.
  2. Starch is then saccharified by enzymes digestion to produce glucose.
  3. The addition of hydrogen over a metal catalyst converts glucose into sorbitol. This is commonly used as a sweetener, humectant (e.g. in toothpastes) or as raw material to produce other chemicals.
  4. Sorbitol is then fed to the hydrocracking process: it is reacted with hydrogen over a metal catalyst at high temperature and pressure to crack the molecule into 1,2-propylene glycol, mono-ethylene glycol and butane-diol.
  5. The mixture of three glycols is then fed to the evaporation and separation plant where water is removed and glycols are separated into pure products. The process produces about 50-60% 1,2-propylene glycol (Bio-PG), 25% ethylene glycol, about 25% of 1,2 and 2,3 butane-diols and co-products.

The goal of the process is to obtain a high-quality product, which could be at least equivalent to the existing petrochemical PG, and to do so on a large, cost-competitive scale. The new corn-based technology of Bio-PG production largely accomplishes this goal and guarantees high levels of quality, together with process reliability and sustainability. Not only is the corn-derived 1,2 propylene glycol formed in this process considered a “green” glycol, but the whole approach itself is more environmentally friendly than the actual petrochemical pathway, resulting in fewer pollutants and reduced amounts of unwanted byproducts like alcohols.

If you are interested in sourcing bulk Bio-PG , Please contact us.


About Nic-Select Nicotine



Alchem International is the world’s leading supplier of nicotine to the vaping industry with a longstanding heritage. They have been manufacturing high quality active ingredients (APIs) for the world’s leading pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical brands for over 75 years.

Their unique products and services make a real difference to the quality of our products and our commercial success.

They leverage nature. Their pharmaceutical-grade nicotine is bioavailable and naturally-derived from carefully selected Tobacco leaves that are Pesticide Free.

They believe in building long-term trustful and transparent relationship with their customers (us). Adaptability and integrity are the driving values and their people and customers are at the heart of everything they do.

They aspire to excellence in everything they do. Thanks to their market-leading approach to extraction and production, Alchem produces superior quality nicotine with outstanding stability, consistency, colour and taste batch after batch.

As market leader, Alchem places high importance on being of the leading edge of the regulatory environment ensureing that brands like V8P Juice stay compliant here in the US and in the larger world wide market place.


About Our Award Winning Flavors

Sourced from various Famous American Flavor companies, all of our award winning flavors are Non-GMO, Sustainable and Truly Delicious. We compound our formulas using some of the best flavors in the industry. Our complex formulations are incredibly difficult to copy or knock off due to the variety of sources and complex mixing technique, making our product very difficult to bootleg. Just ask our competitors! They have been trying for years… 😉